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Learn how to Mentally Prepare yourself for success on the golf course, and how to THINK your way through a round with Sir Nick and his Mind coach Kjell Enhager.

Kjell Enhager introduces you to: The Mental Side of Training

Meet Sir Nick’s Coaches

Kjell Enhager

Kjell is a coach in business, culture, and sports. He works with golfers to use a holistic way to think about golf. Kjell has had curiosity guide him through life. He had the opportunity to intern as a monk and work as a pizza chef before he became a golf pro and earned a Master’s degree in business administration. He has also wrote several books. After graduating with a degree in finance, Kjell got his first assignment as a management consultant with Sällma in Gothenburg. Kjell is now a globally renowned coach who works with major corporations, philharmonic orchestras, famous actors and global names in golf, tennis, skiing, riding and hockey. He has lectured in front of hundreds of thousands of people and has coached some of the biggest superstars and companies in Sweden and abroad.


At well over 60 years old and in the best shape of his life, Sir Nick alongside his Body and Fitness coach Garth Milne, is sharing the keys to his healthy lifestyle, from golf specific workouts to tips on how to improve mobility across all aspects of your life.

World-class trainer, Garth Milne, breaks down the Fundamental Movement Patterns necessary for golf

Meet Sir Nick’s Coaches

Garth Milne

Garth is a golf fitness specialist and has been helping professional and amateur golfers in Serengeti for the past 15 years. He is also the co-founder of Wanna Be A Champion Golf & Fitness Academy which offers professional golf lessons and golf coaching for all ages and abilities. Garth completed his BSc Honours in Human Kinetics and is also certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the CHEK Institute, and is a TPI Level 3 Medical and Fitness practitioner. Garth developed the Kinetic Golf Fitness System that is applied at numerous golf academies across South Africa.

Garth also lectures and assesses the sport science module of the PGA of South Africa’s accreditation program. He presents seminars to PGA professionals across the country as part of the their CPD Program and has been recognized as the by TPI by being unique in the world as the only presenter outside of the TPI staff to be accredited to present the Level 1 certification for TPI. He currently works with professional golfers playing on the PGA & European Tours, the LPGA, and LET as well as the Sunshine Tour.


Few people understand the golf swing better than Nick Faldo, who famously completely rebuilt his swing during his career because he knew that's what it would take to be GREAT. Learn from his hands-on experience and in depth knowledge of how the golf swings works, what the key fundamentals are to consistent ball striking, and how to hit the different types of shots you’ll need in any situation you face on the course. Sir Nick will also have Dr. Craig Farnsworth by his side for world class putting instruction to help you make more putts, reduce your three putts, and shoot lower scores.

Sir Nick joins Tony Romo for a quick range session leading into his American Century appearance

Meet Sir Nick's Coaches

Dr. Craig Farnsworth

Dr. Craig Farnsworth, known as the Putt Doctor, is a Sports Vision Optometrist and is widely regarded as one of the best ​putting instructors in the United States. He has coached more than 150 of the leading professional golfers on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and European Tour. He also works with collegiate players, elite juniors, and recreational golfers.

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