Faldo Formula is the ultimate holistic golf performance program. The culmination of Sir Nick Faldo’s learnings and insights from his legendary career, Formula Faldo is built on unification and simplification of the very complex and inseparable relationship between the physical, mental and technical elements that define a golfer. Unlocking one’s potential only comes from a true mastery of each element.

Unlimited access to Faldo Formula - MIND. BODY. SWING. program and growing video library is priced at an annual subscription of $99. During these trying times while this pandemic is still at hand, Sir Nick is giving it away FREE until the  first major of 2020 is played. Just enter your email address and we'll send your access. No obligation. Start watching more great Faldo Formula videos right away! 


Now that I’m well over 60 years old, I’m sharing my formula to simply and quickly improve your mind, body, and swing. With the help of some friends and mentors from around the world, we’ll share our holistic and easy plan to help you play your very best. I’ll also take you to the beautiful Wilderness Golf Club in Montana for a shot-by-shot Playing Lesson where I’ll reveal some course management secrets, give you some tips, and even try out some new equipment is a segment called, The Master Tester. Tune in to improve your mind, body, and swing starting April 27th at 8:00 pm EST on CBS Sports Network.