Faldo Formula is the ultimate holistic golf performance program. The culmination of Sir Nick Faldo’s learnings and insights from his legendary career, Formula Faldo is built on unification and simplification of the very complex and inseparable relationship between the physical, mental and technical elements that define a golfer. Unlocking one’s potential only comes from a true mastery of each element.


The program will provide unique golf instruction utilizing experts from three key areas working together with Sir Nick; on the MIND, Kjell Enhager noted author, life coach, sports psychologist and personal friend. On the BODY, Garth Milne golf fitness specialist and tour player trainer and on putting, Dr. Craig Farnsworth, the "Putt Doctor". 
Motivated by his desire to get back to playing golf and enjoying the game again at 60 years old, Sir Nick has blended his vast experience winning 6 major championships and dozens of other events worldwide with his mission of getting his mind, body and swing in shape and playing well with much less practice time. He shares his secrets in a comprehensive and growing library of videos and tips that are geared to help golfers of any level and age play better and have more fun.